About us

L'agobottega was born from the friendship between Michela and Francesca on the 2nd of june 2016. We have a goal: to create and search the uniqueness of clothes, accessories...of life!

L'agobottega starts as a little laboratory that creates tailored clothes, starting with the paper pattern design and with the fabrics choice to get to sew it by hand as one of a kind. 

Because each of us is different from every other one... nobody is like you! This is a virtue, it's our ordinary craziness! We are who we are!

To dress every woman by enhancing her beauty with the help of needle, thread, fabrics and a little bit of magic...
So look different!  Dress yourself in a unique way adding value to the wonderful person who you are!!
You'll get out of L'agobottega bringing with you a positive message for the heart and with a beautiful smile on your face good for you and good for us!

Welcome to L'agobottega: our - if you will also yours - Happy Place!

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